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Hike messenger wants us to use Whatsapp less, to get free talktime..seriously

If you’re in India, where its one of the biggest festival, Diwali, is around the corner. There are bunch of discount offerings coming from eCommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon. But there is one startup which is taking offerings to whole new ‘awful’ level, Hike Messenger. Hike is rewarding users of Rs.101 free talktime, for…


WhatsApp is Down! and its Official (Update – WhatsApp’s Reply inside)

Update- They’re not responding us for further details and meanwhile the server issue still exists. Many users are saying that their App has crashed. Interesting!. Hope they’ll solve it quickly. WhatsApp is down again. There are number of tweets saying – they have a Problem with Whatsapp. I did tried to message on WhatsApp and it…


Access Whatsapp on web, hell ya!

Whatsapp officially launched on Web as an extension to Chrome browser,  other browsers are expected to join soon. Whatsapp which is one of the best social messaging app, today launches its next step today’s Web world by launching it’s Web version, but it is not available as a standalone app, you must have Chrome browser…

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