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Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network (Video)

This is a small pitch video of Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network which we covered in PuneConnect 2015 event held in Western Hotel – Pune. Here is the recap of the event. In the video – Anurag Gaur ( Co-Founder and CEO at Mooshak)


Our First5 Startups of the Month (Episode 1 Video)

After lots of thinking and scratching our heads, we finally decided to showcase the first5 startups of the month in the cinematic format. In addition to the covered startups in the video, a mild portion of the video rests on the intro of the Tengible site. In this video, first5 startups are placed as according…


“First5 Startups” Show, Glimpse to our new Video Segment

Introducing to our new video segment – “First 5  Startups of the month” Above video is the glimpse of our show. It’s our first video, so we hope it will stand out well. Our main reason for this video is to provide info about the startups in the natural way. That’s why we’re using ‘Hindi’…


This Startup Let’s you Plan before Trading

Must Read – PuneConnect 2014 – After the Show (List of Upcoming profiles) Stock is always been a favourite option for investors and our next startup is based on this idea only, TradewellPlanned. TradeWellPlanned is a Stock-oriented startup which provides services like Live Trading Signals, Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Research in FOREX, Commodity and Equity…


LetsPractice- A Startup by the Parents to the Parents

Must Read – PuneConnect 2014 – After the Show (List of Upcoming profiles) We liked the entrepreneur spirit of any startup and especially the main motivation behind them. Letspractice is one of them, it is initiated by  the parents to the parents. Letspractice is an online customized question papers portal. Since, there are lot of educational…


Ednexa – Online Notes, Webinars and Tests at One Place

Must Read – PuneConnect 2014 – After the Show (List of Upcoming profiles) The second startup which we got introduced was an Educational Startup, Ednexa. Ednexa is an online education based startup, they provide Online Notes, webinars, topic-based tests and Query solving features to users. Currently, they support 8 – 10th standards, 11-12 (Science), MH-CET, JEE,…


PuneConnect 2014 – After the Show (List of Upcoming profiles)

During my exams there was an event called as PuneConnect2014 (Nov 08 , 2014) , which was organized by Nasscom, TIE, PuneTech, PuneCoffeeCup and bunch of others, showcasing various startups which were selected to show their products to VCs and Angels Investors. Though it was open for common people as well, but the event was not publicly advertised,…


This is how I replaced my Broken Phone, with a Brand New One (Update – Avoid this service)

Update – We and some of the viewers have very bad experience with this startup. So better think twice before investing in this service. On this Diwali I purchased a new smartphone from a local store located nearby, during the purchase, dealer offered me a insurance policy named ‘Zero maintenance ZME’, which is only available for below…


In Pain, Find Your Doctor Instantly Using ‘Savetime’

We were in the event organized by startup leadership program, where we meat ‘savetime’ startup founder Mitesh Bohra. We quickly found it fascinating and thought to write about it immediately. Savetime is a website where you can search the doctor or any specialist or a hospital related to your pain instantly. Let’s say you have a…

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