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Start.me introduces ‘Channels’, a collection of carefully selected and syndicated news sources to users

I’ve already embraced the usefulness of Start.me since it is helpful for bookmark junkies like Journalists, Bloggers, Researchers and all. Today they’ve  released a brand new feature called ‘Channels’, in which they have carefully curated and categorized over 3,300 feeds for 34 different regions (including India) and integrated them in 13 quality news channels. Nice!…


After changing their Design, Start.me is coming to Mobile as well

Start.me, a personalized and integrated bookmarking service. Officially confirmed that they’ll be launching dedicated App for Android and iOS later this year. After acquiring social bookmarking site, Favoor and with the registered users of more than 450,000 users. Start.me is now all set to enter into Mobile space. Recently they’ve changed their Web UI as…


Start.me came out of Beta, now it has clean design with new features

I’ve being using Start.me since months and it is one of the best tool to organize my bookmarks. Literally I tried every bookmarking website to organize my bunch of suits, but this tool helped me a lot. Now, they have redesigned their touch and it’s better than previous. Previously, I used a 3-D bookmark plugin for…

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