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Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network (Video)

This is a small pitch video of Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network which we covered in PuneConnect 2015 event held in Western Hotel – Pune. Here is the recap of the event. In the video – Anurag Gaur ( Co-Founder and CEO at Mooshak)


Find social profiles of the people in one click, a 8th side project of a student that works pretty good

It’s actually not a startup but a mini project by a student name Yash Srivastava, called Stalky. Which helps you to discover all the social accounts of the desired person in a click. You just have to enter the name of the person and voila, all the social accounts namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus…


Socktail, a social shopping platform for Furniture and Home decor products

Online home furnishing and home decor startups are getting a lot of attention currently. So I decided to flee around quite a bit to find any interesting startup in this area leaving some popular ones. And that’s when I found, Socktail, which is Social Shopping Platform for custom made Furniture, Home Decor, and Home Improvement Products….

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