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Track Your Email and When Opened, Get Notify Instantly

  Ever wonder, the email sent by you is being opened or not? or the link specified in the email is clicked or not? this plugin from the Hubspot, Sidekick, can do it. When you send an email to the User/person we can’t judge whether the email is reached or being opened. So we end…


Myeffecto increased our 25% of Reader’s Engagement (Report) – Update

As we promised you to publish a report on myEffecto earlier. here is the one-week review of Myeffecto‘s plugin which we have installed on our website for 1 week. Does it make any impact? how many smiles received? lot to say- read on If you’re a vivid reader of our website you have probably seen…


This Plugin can Analyze Reader’s Reaction in your Blog

We’ve changed something in our blog, did you recognized it?, No! ok did you see there are four “Ugly Heads” below each article. They are so called emotions. This plugin is provided free by ‘Myeffecto‘.(For WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Drupal and also provides Univeral code as well) Read On to know more Myeffecto also has a…

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