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Numahub’s demo shows us disruption in Natural Language APIs

Numahub, a startup which provides APIs to embed Intelligent and Natural Language capabilities to the Apps, have launched their demo version on the site. Must Watch – Numahub’s Pitch The Demo includes Travel API – which lets a to fill an Airline from using your voice. Personal API – which lets us to book appointments…


Numahub’s Pitch Video at Startup Meet Pune

Must Read – ‘STARTUP MEET’ RECAP AND THE LIST OF STARTUPS SHOWEDUP NumaHub is a cognitive computing startup. They are working on algorithms with which application developers can add Natural Language/Voice processing capabilities to their applications. Take a look at Numahub’s Profile. Imagine if you’re asking a question verbally to an application in a plain english…


Informal Talk with Numahub’s Founder Abhishek Mishra

Yesterday, we visited Numahub’s office in Pune, it took us quite a while to figure out where is the office, but yes! we found it! and as usual we were  “Late!”. But we’re glad that Numahub didn’t mind it at all. They were friendly and very supportive and since we didn’t have our Interview-camera with…


Interact with your database by ‘Talking’ with it – Numahub

Imagine if you’re asking a question verbally to an application in a plain english and the app answers back with right results. I said ‘Plain English’, it can be randomly spoken words like ‘You How are’ (How are you?) and it would yield the same answer ‘I’m Good’. Great write! Numahub is doing the same…

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