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Facebook silently changed its events RSVP to ‘Interested, Can’t Go’ from ‘May be, Not Going’

If you ever think why Facebook is so successful even after 11 years, one of the reason is that they really care about their customers. Every little change creates a drastic change in Psychology and perception of the viewers, may it be Algorithm for News Feed, keeping you out from your Ex or altering features….


Not Internet but Splinternet, Facebook’s new ‘Internet.Org’ is just as evil.

This article is contributed by Mahesh Murthy, founder of digital transformation and marketing firm@Pinstorm and of VC fund @Seedfund. He tweets @MaheshMurthy  Why is Mark Zuckerberg so concerned about his ‘charity’ initiative that he had to re-jig it in the face of opposition, star in another breathless video about it, and start a misleading campaign…


Internet.org is Facebook’s new way to fill their Pockets, here is the big plan

The article was first published on Medium by Ivan Mehta, a binary thinker and a Tech enthusiast. Till last the decade, Tech’s big 4 were Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. While the other 3 strived on selling products and services, Google was the only ‘Pure software’ company. You might say that they sold Android phones but,…


Ola coming with Auto Booking in India and other top news of the Day

Indian Startups News – In a bid to takeover its closest competitor Ola in India, Uber, the always-in-the-headlines cab service provider, plans to enable auto-rickshaw booking through its platform in the coming months. In order to get autos on board, the Uber executives have already started test-marketing the services in Bangalore. (Read) According to some sources the deal…


This is What happened yesterday, a quick recap of tech world

Did you missed yesterday’s top news, then dont worry We’ve curated the list of news that hit yesterday (1 April) with some useful resources in the box. Check it out – Indian Tech News – The Founder and Chairman of Multibillion dollar Alibaba Group, Jack Ma during his recent visit to India, joined hands with…

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