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An app which can save upto 70% of your medical bill and also provide ‘Refill Reminders’, just launched today

MedsOnWay, an online discount pharmacy store which we profiled earlier, has launched their first ever Android App today. Founded by Aniket Bora and Prashant Pillai, MedsOnWay focuses on generic drugs and helps consumers to buy drugs in an economical rate. Talking about the app, it provides all of its special features like uploading prescription and…


An app that can push your ‘math brain’ in distress, just try it

I’m quite fond of games, especially which triggers and improve your brain’s power. Rajat Vaghani, an Android developer pinged me about his latest app called as Sum. It deals with adding numbers, but in very tricky and intuitive way. As the concept goes, Rajat’s Sum app is a basic addition app, but here you have…


Whatsapp for sharing files, but with no size limit – Shareboard

Shareboard is a peer to peer file sharing app which allows users to share file within his area via LAN or to specific contact number via Internet. It supports all type of file formats and doesn’t have file-size restrictions for sharing. Simple! lets dive into it. Once installing the Shareboard app you have to register…


An app to find and navigate nearest Restrooms around you – GottaGo

India’s prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat” campaign have created a huge impact on people minds. Everyone wants to contribute to this initiative from their own way. Although this may not be the reason behind this app, but “GottaGo” really has its own-good vision. GottaGo made by ithub digital ventures, is an android app which…

haptik new launch 2.0

Haptik’s biggest update for Android starts rolling today, iOS to follow in weeks

Haptik, an Expert-User Messaging app will bring a biggest update ever to its Android version and iOS to follow in coming weeks. As mentioned in their official blog, the latest update will bring 28 changes/bugs fixes in this update. What is Haptik – Haptik is an app (Android and iOS) which help users to chat…

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