Software, SaaS and Enterprise based Startup profiles


An AI driven code Generator from Images, to ease App coding ( Prototyping Stage )

Imagine if you want to bevelop an app and instead of manually coding, just input a concept image and the coding appears in front of you. Yes! that’s great right, the project is still in prototyping stage and being developed by Ganarajpr (GitHub Name). It currently works with Atom editor and only generate components in…


Now Fully Automate your Recruiting process using TalentOjo

Recruiting right candidate is very crucial factor for any startup or company and also it is one-hell-of the job for HR professionals. That’s why we found a startup, TalentOjo – which provides a recruitment shortlisting engine helping companies get the right candidates without any manual intervention. We met TalenOjo in the Nasscom Product conclave, Pune…


First App to Solve and Manage Housing Society Issues – ApartmentAdda

As the name suggests, ApartmentAdda provides an Apartment Management software for owners, Tenants and Managment Office. They use SaaS model and besides web, you can use their service on mobile by using their App on Android and iOS.     ApartmentAdda App provides features like – Online Payment Gateway Forum & Notices Photo Gallery Allow Polling within…


An App that brings Your Imagination Alive on Screen – REALISEAR

The Realisear spelled as ‘Realise-AR’ has a site concept that has already developed widely into several phases. Starting from the basic, the site presentation theme here is very much awe-inspiring, which gives the user to surf for a much longer time. This concept is used basically for building augmented reality apps. The term ‘augmented reality’…


Explore the ‘Knowledge beyond Brick Walls’ – A platform by Kexplora

Knowledge is something which is very important for every student or a person and as a student, teacher is an ultimate way to gain it. Here KEXPLORA is looking to disrupt the space of ‘knowledge exploration’ further and changing the way anyone can navigate, explore and discover knowledge by applying curiosity. Kexplora is trying to change…


SCMplus1 – A Cloud based Software to Manage Supply Chain for Manufacturers

We’re continuing our journey from where we left at PuneConnect. SCMPlus1 is a cloud-based supply chain management software provided as a SaaS to Manufacturer, Retailers and all in the supply chain Organizations. It’s not too hard to understand this software. SCMplus1 gives you statistics of the inventory of an company ‘dynamically’. According to them, SCMplus1…


This Startup Let’s you Plan before Trading

Must Read – PuneConnect 2014 – After the Show (List of Upcoming profiles) Stock is always been a favourite option for investors and our next startup is based on this idea only, TradewellPlanned. TradeWellPlanned is a Stock-oriented startup which provides services like Live Trading Signals, Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Research in FOREX, Commodity and Equity…


Total Compliance – A SaaS based AlphaBricks’s Compliance Tracking and Monitoring product

Read – PUNECONNECT 2014 – AFTER THE SHOW (LIST OF UPCOMING PROFILES) Now,its time for core-business related startups to show-up. Alpha Bricks is one of them. AlphaBricks provides Compliance-Finance and compliance related features in Software Products. (I hope you got it!) They have their first SaaS (Software-as-a-service) product for XBRL conversion (of financial statements) and…


CarIQ – Now its the time to make your Car ‘ Smart ‘

CarIQ provides a Plug-and-Play device for your Car, the device will alert you when the car needs your attention like critical technical problem, service alerts, battery monitor and health and much much more. CarIQ is the first connected car platform in India. Company – CarIQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Location – Pune, India Launched – August…

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