Social and Hyperlocal based Startup profiles


Hands-On With Persistent’s new Hyperlocal Services Booking App, Deazzle

We were in the event organized by POCC where we saw Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent systems, announced their newest project to enter into a hyperlocal market by their upcoming local services booking platform, Deazzle. The app is still in beta phase and will be launch in upcoming weeks. Deazzle is completely built using in-house technology,…

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Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network (Video)

This is a small pitch video of Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network which we covered in PuneConnect 2015 event held in Western Hotel – Pune. Here is the recap of the event. In the video – Anurag Gaur ( Co-Founder and CEO at Mooshak)


GeekTrust A Platform To Help Companies Find Skilled Developers

Do you have any friend who is geeky enough but hasn’t got or need a new job but struggling to get one. Tell him to give a try, I mean you can always try other websites to get a job. But this one is something different, Geektrust gives you a problem which  is based on hypothetical Planet…


Smoothie an Anonymous dating app unlike Tinder

Anomility or privacy is a top choice in the today’s world where big tech companies like Ashley madison and Ola, are failing to provide. We’ve a startup which is claiming to provide total privacy to the users which Tinder cannot provide, Smoothie. Smoothie is a social app for meeting with new people around you or you can say…


IndusHunter – A ProductHunt like initiative for Indians, Shuts down #CaughtDead

I’ve been following IndusHunter for 2 months now and it was a good directory to find Indian startups. Specifically sorting using categories was of great help. But sadly it has shut down due to unknown reasons (update soon). Thoughs who don’t know about Indushunter, in simple words – it was a ProductHunt for Indian startups….


Socktail, a social shopping platform for Furniture and Home decor products

Online home furnishing and home decor startups are getting a lot of attention currently. So I decided to flee around quite a bit to find any interesting startup in this area leaving some popular ones. And that’s when I found, Socktail, which is Social Shopping Platform for custom made Furniture, Home Decor, and Home Improvement Products….


A former mchek employee started Mybabycart, a platform for Mompreneurs to sell their products

Mridula Arora, a former employee of mchek which ended its operations in 2012, started her own venture named An exclusive platform for every mompreneur to showcase and sell their products online. Short Pitch by Mridula Arora – MyBabyCart is an exclusive eco-system for Mompreneurs to showcase & sell their products online. MBC is an…


A curated list of Unusual products in your Inbox each month – TheMobo

  That’s what I like about Entrepreneurs. A Courage and willingness to do something ‘different’. TheMobo, a brainchild of Panth Mehta, a Mechatronics engineer provides a monthly curated list of unusual products into your inbox based on a particular theme. How it works? After entering your email address, TheMobo will send you a curated list…


Easily Create Your Own Travel Wishlist – TripThirsty

  If you want to do more on your holiday than just sit by a pool, there are a growing number of sites that can help you out. Travelers to India who like going off the beaten path can check out Tripthirsty, a new contender in the thriving adventure travel slot. The way TripThirsty works is very simple…


An app to find and navigate nearest Restrooms around you – GottaGo

India’s prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s “Swachh Bharat” campaign have created a huge impact on people minds. Everyone wants to contribute to this initiative from their own way. Although this may not be the reason behind this app, but “GottaGo” really has its own-good vision. GottaGo made by ithub digital ventures, is an android app which…


Report Broken Street Lamp, Potholes and more Instantly using Fixi App

Did you ever saw a broken street lamp on your way and think of informing it to the nearest Authority. People at Pimpri-Chinchwad has developed an app which can let users to send and discover civic problems directly to the municipality/Authority with a click, Fixi. Whenever user opens the app, it shows the list of…


CardBack collaborates with Uber to offer Discounts

CardBack, a mobile app for searching best deals for your card, has partnered with Uber cab to provide discounts for first-time ola users. CardBack will offer Rs300 discount for first two rides each. Although the discount is only available for first two rides but seems fair to save Rs600 for same. To avail the offer…


We want to become Linkedin for ShortFilm Makers – ShortFundly

I’m not a huge fan of short Films, but I know that how it is important for growing filmmakers or producers to show their creativity to the world. We’ve got a startup which is building a platform for Shortfilms to get a center stage, ShortFundly. ShortFundly shares Shortfilms on their site and also trying to…

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