Hardware and Technology based Startup profiles


Track User’s Emotions While Watching Your Video, Using AI and a Headgear – AffectLab

A video is the most important material for marketing for any company whether it is a service or product based. But it is as hard to find out what user exactly feels while watching the video. Obviously, we cannot ask everyone or use built-in sensors to understand this task. Today we have a startup which…


This Gadget Can Save 1.5 Mn Babies who Are Exposed To Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Wearable devices are not only the fancy iWatches, Smartwatches or fitness bands there are plenty of categories available in the market. UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund), Frog and ARM Holdings conducted a challenge named “Wearables For Good“. A challenge to develop ‘innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women…


Fizzible – A Home Automation Centric Startup (Updated)

(Update – 600+ electronics/mechatronics products on ecommerce side , Member Added – Vishal Sanap ) The first startup which snatched our attention was, Fizzible. Fizzible is an online – Electronics selling and Educating startup. They sell products like Raspberry pi, Arduino and others to support Engineers developing their own product. The idea which attracted us the…


CarIQ – Now its the time to make your Car ‘ Smart ‘

CarIQ provides a Plug-and-Play device for your Car, the device will alert you when the car needs your attention like critical technical problem, service alerts, battery monitor and health and much much more. CarIQ is the first connected car platform in India. Company – CarIQ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Location – Pune, India Launched – August…

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