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This Gadget Can Save 1.5 Mn Babies who Are Exposed To Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Wearable devices are not only the fancy iWatches, Smartwatches or fitness bands there are plenty of categories available in the market. UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund), Frog and ARM Holdings conducted a challenge named “Wearables For Good“. A challenge to develop ‘innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women…


With more than 4000+ gyms registered, Gympp can become one-stop destination to find Gyms nearby

If you’ve put on some additional weight this week and are trying to find Gyms nearby. Then this startup will save plenty of your time in finding fitness places around your location. Let me introduce you to, Gympp, a Gym discovery and review platform which allows you to search for nearby Gyms, Fitness Clubs, Sports…


This startup is a combination of Free Website Builder and Healthcare search engine – AboutMyClinic

Recently we cover quite a lot of startups in Healthcare section, but this one attracts us due to its unique approach toward customer acquisition. AboutmyClinic is a healthcare startup which lets any healthcare provider to create a website for free and use the information on the website for better search results made by visitor or…


An online aggregator for Diagnostic services with Home-sample collection – Labforsure

In India where the Diagnostics industry stands at $5 billion with 15-16% increase annually, out of which 88-90% of the industry is dominated by unorganized players. It is perfect for new-gen startups to aggregate these players and provide services using the Web. Labforsure is doing exactly that. Operating in Gurgaon, Labforsure is an online aggregator of…


With 1+ Million appointments,Qikwell is a perfect competitor to Practo

  Healthcare industry has emerged as one of the largest service sectors in India, employing about 4 million people. The sector generates an annual revenue of around $30 billion. These healthcare start-ups that helps patients choose from a large pool of doctors and make appointments online. If online users can compare air fares and book…


The Product that can save tons of Lives – OneBreath

In India, more than 3.6M people dies due to Respiratory illness, from which most of them are due to improper medical treatment and using of non-advance tech equipments. Many of the Hospital’s in the rural areas are not funded enough to buy High-Tech equipments which cost lakhs and crores which ultimately comes to this results….


Find the perfect course for you at – Myopencourses

  Confused about the course regarding your future career? Don’t be, because MyOpencourses is always present to provide everyone with satisfactory solutions regarding their course. From Aerospace – to – Biotechnology – to – Automobiles, all types of options are available here, with its term info to make you understand its difficulty value & its…


An Online Skin Care Clinic just for You – Dermatocare

Folks at Pune Coffee Club responded to our ‘Share your Startup‘ Forum, and that’s where we found, Dermatocare as one of interesting startup to write about. Since till now we didn’t cover any Medical (i.e skin related) Service Startup. We’re happy to share this to you. Dermatocare provides personalized skin care solutions through their website. In a basic definition, it’s…


Write Code, compile and build App without any software – Programr

Ever thought of coding and executing without any installations and freaky plugins. Just turn on your laptop, open the browser and start coding without any specially dedicated software to install. Yes! It’s true. Programr provides platform for ‘live’ coding, executing, sharing and even collaborating with the code, which do not need any huge pack softwares…

medsonway startup

This is the Best way to Find Medicines online – Medsonway

(Changes – MedsonWay delivers products exactly the next day of the purchase and Cash-on-Delivery option is available for both above and below Rs.500 purchase) At the Headstart event in Pune, we were introduced  to a startup named MedsonWay. As the name suggest its an Online- ‘Pharmacy’ based E-commerce site. Here you can buy medicines, but here, they’re specially focusing…


An App that contains a permanent solution – iHeal

After going through the entire event, a particular healthcare app was my personal favourite. This app goes by the name iHeal / ProHealth. It is derived as a medical device technology. This app is built for the patients suffering for chronic diseases, like Asthma, COPD, & diabetes in India. Must Watch – IHEAL Prohealth Pitch Video at…


Explore the ‘Knowledge beyond Brick Walls’ – A platform by Kexplora

Knowledge is something which is very important for every student or a person and as a student, teacher is an ultimate way to gain it. Here KEXPLORA is looking to disrupt the space of ‘knowledge exploration’ further and changing the way anyone can navigate, explore and discover knowledge by applying curiosity. Kexplora is trying to change…

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