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FireUp, Create Timeline Of Your Startup In Minutes By TechStory

Timeline of a startup journey is one of the important aspects I always look for in knowing and understanding a startup. Dipti Gore from TechStory and Rahul Rane of Megavenues understood this and developed an interesting website where you can make timeline easily and embed it on your site instantly, FireUp. Dipti on ProductHunt said…


Hands-On With Persistent’s new Hyperlocal Services Booking App, Deazzle

We were in the event organized by POCC where we saw Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent systems, announced their newest project to enter into a hyperlocal market by their upcoming local services booking platform, Deazzle. The app is still in beta phase and will be launch in upcoming weeks. Deazzle is completely built using in-house technology,…


This Gadget Can Save 1.5 Mn Babies who Are Exposed To Vaccine-Preventable Disease

Wearable devices are not only the fancy iWatches, Smartwatches or fitness bands there are plenty of categories available in the market. UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund), Frog and ARM Holdings conducted a challenge named “Wearables For Good“. A challenge to develop ‘innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women…

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Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network (Video)

This is a small pitch video of Mooshak, an India’s own Hindi social network which we covered in PuneConnect 2015 event held in Western Hotel – Pune. Here is the recap of the event. In the video – Anurag Gaur ( Co-Founder and CEO at Mooshak)


MuhurtMaja, now book and organize Pooja online

MuhurtMaja is an online pooja booking site where you can Book and organize pooja by just sitting in your home. This short-pitch video is taken at PuneConnect 2015. Here is the recap of the event.  Our take on MuhurtMaja – MuhurtMaja to tap $1Bn size market by entering in 20 cities, from its online pooja booking site


The Football Mind – PuneConnect 2015 (Intro-video)

It’s very easy to stay updated with international Football teams and very hard (almost impossible) to stay connected with Local Clubs. Imagine What if every local club have their own website to show news, Players info, fixtures or even sell tickets online. I know it’s not affordable for everyone, right? but this startup is try…


GeekTrust A Platform To Help Companies Find Skilled Developers

Do you have any friend who is geeky enough but hasn’t got or need a new job but struggling to get one. Tell him to give a try, I mean you can always try other websites to get a job. But this one is something different, Geektrust gives you a problem which  is based on hypothetical Planet…


An AI driven code Generator from Images, to ease App coding ( Prototyping Stage )

Imagine if you want to bevelop an app and instead of manually coding, just input a concept image and the coding appears in front of you. Yes! that’s great right, the project is still in prototyping stage and being developed by Ganarajpr (GitHub Name). It currently works with Atom editor and only generate components in…


BookMySports launched with Harbhajan Singh as Brand Ambessedor, Book Sports Facilities Online

It seems like Indian Cricketers are started betting on Startups, after Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Ventures initiative here is Harbhajan Singh promoting as a Brand Ambassador of the newly launched BookMySports, the website for online booking of sports facilities. Currently, it includes 12+ variety of categories like BasketBall, Cricket, football, aerobics, Gym, horse riding and many more….


MuhurtMaja to tap $1Bn size market by entering in 20 cities, from its online pooja booking site

One of the startups whom we met at PuneConnect 2015, if you were there – they were wearing Puneri Pheta all time, remember?. Anyway, let’s carry on and see what these guys are working on. MuhurtMaja is an online pooja booking site where you can Book and organize pooja by just sitting in your home. Simple right!…


Find social profiles of the people in one click, a 8th side project of a student that works pretty good

It’s actually not a startup but a mini project by a student name Yash Srivastava, called Stalky. Which helps you to discover all the social accounts of the desired person in a click. You just have to enter the name of the person and voila, all the social accounts namely Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus…


Smoothie an Anonymous dating app unlike Tinder

Anomility or privacy is a top choice in the today’s world where big tech companies like Ashley madison and Ola, are failing to provide. We’ve a startup which is claiming to provide total privacy to the users which Tinder cannot provide, Smoothie. Smoothie is a social app for meeting with new people around you or you can say…


Track and Tally your Expenses using Email, Jottr

This may not be the ground breaking startup, but will surely help everyone to ease their load on tracking expenses. jottr, helps you to tally and track your expenses by sending Emails. Here is how – Its quite simple though, just email Jottr ( about your current transaction like ‘Richard pays 500 for taxi’, jottr…

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