Informal Talk with Navin Kabra, on how to build a community and his experience with PuneTech

In our first Informal series, we talk with Navin Kabra – founder of PuneTech, coFounder of and a vivid blogger. Here are the topic we discussed in this podcast – ‘How to build a community?’ ‘Difference between Previous and today’s startups?’ ‘How and why you created PuneTech? Your experience’ ‘Tell us about Reliscore?’ Watch…


Our Readers Like Love Stories and Are Mostly Active After Noon – Juggernaut Report

Juggernaut, an Indian e-books publishing startup who has recently launched its app on android and iOS, and has crossed 100k+ on Android and 10k+ download on iOS in just 6 weeks has published a report on app usage like user’s most active time, hit categories, purchasing time, top cities, Phone models and even registration mode….


How Blume Venture’s Talent Unit Started: Experiments and Learning

The leading thought in Venture Capital industry globally is that ‘Venture Capital is a services buinsess‘. Blume is one of the few venture capital firms in the country that take pride to have built a platform of services (called ‘Constellation Blu‘) around that thought. And, perhaps, the only one globally to have done at our size…


Classic reply by Ramiz Raja on #RamizPorn

This kind of thing we don’t put here, but it was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop myself to share (Laughing!) with you. Ok! I just walked into my room after having some snacks and my phone blinked showing a notification from InShorts – ‘Ramiz Raja talks about #RamizPorn on Twitter‘. It was interesting so I opened…


In Reply FreeCharge Denied The Mobikwik’s Accusation (Updated – Our Analysis and Verdit)

Yesterday MobiKwik accused Freecharge for making a paid custom report from Neilsen. Mentioning that the report was fabricated to show company’s standing. The report, published at Freecharge’s blog on May 24, was showing 30% (from 26%) customer active reach and time spent to 55mins (from 40) between Dec 2015 to April 2016. Update – ET…


WWDC: Of Continuity, New Paths And Focus

Every Apple event follows a set pattern when it comes to media coverage: –  First, speculation and rumors about what will be announced with some leaked images if there are hardware announcements expected – Post the event, a report card of what was announced. The analysis will rarely be balanced with Apple fan sites going…


Inoreader, a popular RSS reader gave users a gift, because of the six hour outrage

I’ve been using Inoreader for a year and it is a very handle tool for RSS junkies (like me). yesterday I got their email saying ‘Use Inoreader for free (pro plan) as a compensation for the recent outrage’ In the email, Inoreader explained that the outrage was their first biggest in 3 years of their…


On Google Street View Matter, Vinod Khosla says – Bad Decision by Clueless People

On Friday, the Indian Home Ministry decided to put a halt on Google’s Street View service due to severe security concerns. Apparently Vinod Khosla, a well-known Billionaire businessman from Silicon Valley seems to be not happy with the decision. Saying – “Classic bad decision making by clueless people. They do country a disservice” India says…


Detailed Analysis of this week’s Funding and Acquisitions scenario

It is very exciting to see how the startup ecosystem is flourishing in India. There are just plenty of investments happening, in fact the rate is so high that India was ranked 5th ($31 billion) in the FDI investment in 1st half of 2015, beating US and China. Wait! there is more, India also grabbed…


Not Internet but Splinternet, Facebook’s new ‘Internet.Org’ is just as evil.

This article is contributed by Mahesh Murthy, founder of digital transformation and marketing firm@Pinstorm and of VC fund @Seedfund. He tweets @MaheshMurthy  Why is Mark Zuckerberg so concerned about his ‘charity’ initiative that he had to re-jig it in the face of opposition, star in another breathless video about it, and start a misleading campaign…

0 is Facebook’s new way to fill their Pockets, here is the big plan

The article was first published on Medium by Ivan Mehta, a binary thinker and a Tech enthusiast. Till last the decade, Tech’s big 4 were Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. While the other 3 strived on selling products and services, Google was the only ‘Pure software’ company. You might say that they sold Android phones but,…


This is how the Mobile Revolution Evolved and what I think on it

The article was first published on BforByte by Ivan Mehta, a binary thinker and a Tech enthusiast. At the start of the millennium, one of my father’s friend brought a phone for emergency use. It was the first mobile phone, I owned. Heck, I had seen a lot of pictures on my painstakingly slow dial-up internet…


This is how I Started – Avinash Agarwal from FoodJockey (VIdeo)

Avinash Agarwal is a Director at a food chain startup FoodJockeys. They hold a Master franchisee of Classic Rock Café and Regional franchisee of Cocoberry. Here is the video we captured during headstart event in Pune, sharing his successful story behind FoodJockeys. -COVERED BY TENGIBLE TEAM

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