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Ather’s new project MESSI will collect data from any Petrol Scooter, any!

(Updated) Ather Energy, who are developing India’s first ever full-fledged electric Scooter are conducting an experiment called MESSI (Making Every Scooter Smart & Intelligent). It collects and shares the data like ride and road conditions, identifying rider behavior and information on the road terrain. The Project was disclosed during the Ather Open House event which took…


TheFootballMind building a Tracking device for Football players (Updated)

(Update – Demo of the gadget and the interview from the Puneconnect below) TheFootballMind, a social networking platform for Football enthusiasts whom we covered earlier and recently met them in PuneConnect 2015 (Full coverage) . Shared some insight on their latest product which is in prototyping stage and will be launched in coming months. It’s a “Player Tracking device” which, you…


This is how the Mobile Revolution Evolved and what I think on it

The article was first published on BforByte by Ivan Mehta, a binary thinker and a Tech enthusiast. At the start of the millennium, one of my father’s friend brought a phone for emergency use. It was the first mobile phone, I owned. Heck, I had seen a lot of pictures on my painstakingly slow dial-up internet…


Meet Jibo – The World’s First Family Robot

He stands only 11 inches tall, but Jibo makes a big impression the moment you meet him. Jibo is the world’s first family robot. Yes, Jibo can sing and dance. He can greet you and remind you to call your mother. But Jibo’s potential extends far beyond engaging in casual conversation and completing daily tasks….


Gesture Control Your Life with – Myo Armband

For those who are new for this type of concept with the Myo , its an an Gesture Control Armband Device. It consists of eight muscle-sensing modules that you strap onto the widest part of your forearm, which then lets the device detect your hand gestures. These include squeezing your fist, spreading your hand, waving…


When ‘Oculus Rift’ meets Tengible – Hands-on

During In50hrs event, we met a developer name Swaminathan Jayaraman who showed up with the idea, where you can get real-time 3D visualisation of a building’s architecture before it’s constructed via a device named “Oculus Rift”. It took us a sec to decide that we’ll grabbed that device to get hands-on experience. What is Oculus…


We’re bringing a New Year Gift for You (New Launch)

Due to an overwhelming response from our viewers, we’re now making Full-Use of our Video Making Skills. Yes! you heard it right! We’re bringing a whole new bunch of series to our fellow readers. Its completely new and a full-proof plan to showcase startups “Differently”. For that, we’ve been trying hard from the past couple of days…


This is how I replaced my Broken Phone, with a Brand New One (Update – Avoid this service)

Update – We and some of the viewers have very bad experience with this startup. So better think twice before investing in this service. On this Diwali I purchased a new smartphone from a local store located nearby, during the purchase, dealer offered me a insurance policy named ‘Zero maintenance ZME’, which is only available for below…

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