Contributor or Guest’s Guidelines –

Seriously, are you looking for rules! There are no rules. Just be authentic yourself. If you have something that can benefit our viewers, Your Welcome.

It maybe your Opinion, Tech related article, Tips, How-Tos, Instruction or whatever. Anything related to the tech industry is accepted here (unless its highly unrelated to our topics, ex – coding). Your intro will be displayed at the end of the article and if the article is exclusive, we are ready to give backlink to your page.

But don’t just copy-paste any content, we have dedicated a team to grab the thief.

We genuinely love contributors, if you’re the one of them- we’re ready to welcome you with a Nuclear blast.

Yeah! it seems like we’ve written this page while eating Pizza, but believe us we’re not! We’re very serious about the Quality and Quantity of the content and since we believe in “Work like- Laughing Buddha” our content tends to be funny, serious and informative.

To contribute –

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