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Founders must have Complementary Skills, Vaibhav Jain -Young Disruptor from 3Deometry (Informal Talk)

Being a young entrepreneur, it is very difficult to move forward with an idea to a startup. It takes enormous amount of time, persistent, execution to build it. But most importantly – experience, due to lack of experience it is difficult to build a team, work consistently, take responsibility and make decisions. All this comes…


Informal Talk with Navin Kabra, on how to build a community and his experience with PuneTech

In our first Informal series, we talk with Navin Kabra – founder of PuneTech, coFounder of and a vivid blogger. Here are the topic we discussed in this podcast – ‘How to build a community?’ ‘Difference between Previous and today’s startups?’ ‘How and why you created PuneTech? Your experience’ ‘Tell us about Reliscore?’ Watch…


List of VR and AR startups in Pune

Recently, we organized two events based on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, called it ‘Everything about VR and AR’. So while researching, which basically means calling a bunch of entrepreneurs, friends and searching on internet. I found plenty of startups working in this sector. So, we called them all and found some awesome speakers for…


‘Everything About VR and AR’ 2nd Edition, Full Video

It took really long time to mash up this video, the truth is we had some technical problems with it. Same time, we were all busy in planning for our next event. Anyway, here is the video, feel free to drop your comment below and let us know what you think. 1st – VR development…


Served 960+ Students, Organized In 2 More Colleges – Trigger Event

Yes! We’re about to cross 1k+ mark in our next edition in COEP college’s MindSpark event on 23-25 sep. COEP is Pune’s top most college for Engineering. After successful Trigger edition at DY Patil ACS and MBA colleges, we headed to AISSMS IOIT. Where we organized an independent event (non-event day) in the college. Only…


FireUp, Create Timeline Of Your Startup In Minutes By TechStory

Timeline of a startup journey is one of the important aspects I always look for in knowing and understanding a startup. Dipti Gore from TechStory and Rahul Rane of Megavenues understood this and developed an interesting website where you can make timeline easily and embed it on your site instantly, FireUp. Dipti on ProductHunt said…


Ashish Mishra, Former Mint Journalist Joins TheKen For Indepth Reporting

Ashish Mishra, a former Mint journalist joined TheKen for bringing his investigative reporting and long-form storytelling to the TheKen articles. TheKen is the yet-launching startup which is aiming to provide sharp, original and daily insight on tech, business, science and healthcare scene from India. As per the blog post from the TheKen, Ashish Mishra was…


Huge Success To Our Trigger event, Coming To More Colleges

  Introducing Trigger, the one-of-the-kind event where students can experience the future technology. We started with DY Patil ACS college in Pimpri and attracted 150+ students – and that too without marketing. When we started this blog (formerly Tengible), we had the sole purpose to reach the upcoming technologies and startups to the people. We…


InstaKYC Won Rs1 Lakh Prize In Startups Club’s Demo Day Event In Pune, Recap

After successful consecutive events at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi and now in Pune, Startups Club is headings back to Chennai for a grand slam Finale between the winners in the cities. There are still 3 cities left though – Kochi, Ahmedabad and Vizag. So what happened at Pune? here it is. To be…

“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.”

Maeve Greyson


We Are Coming To Startups Club Demo Day On Sunday, Are You

We are offically covering the Startups Club Demo Day event organized by Startups Club Team. Its on 16th of July, that’s on this Sunday. There will be plenty of startups, investors, VCs evolved and we are very excited to meet them. To understand what exactly is Startup Club demo day – “Demo Day was launched…


Instamojo Opens App Store To Integrate Third Party Services To Cater Their 100,000 Users

Instamojo, a web-based payment gateway startup has announced to let third party service providers, startups and professionals to integrate and offer their services to Instamojo’s existing 120k SME customers. By this Instamojo wants to become full fledge SME platform connecting SMEs to service providers and also being a payment gateway. They’re open to partnership with…


Hands-On With Persistent’s new Hyperlocal Services Booking App, Deazzle

We were in the event organized by POCC where we saw Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent systems, announced their newest project to enter into a hyperlocal market by their upcoming local services booking platform, Deazzle. The app is still in beta phase and will be launch in upcoming weeks. Deazzle is completely built using in-house technology,…

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