Things You Need To Know About YouTube Go and YouTube TV

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Youtube recently launched Youtube Go and Youtube TV to the market, basically, Youtube Go is especially for Indian users and Youtube TV is launched for US market in 5 cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

First, let’s talk about Youtube Go, we also reviewed the Youtube Go app, see the video below –

Not interested in video? no worry here is what we think –

Youtube Go was unveiled way before on Sep 27th,2016 for selected users only. Now they have just made it public and anybody can download it. The app is still in beta stage though, but it really works smoothly.

After downloading the Youtube Go app (download link) you go through language selection and phone verification, you are sent to homescreen. What’s interesting is that Youtube Go does a really good job of curating local content together (Not like bad traditional trending tab ), for me it shows Marathi, Hindi series and Hindi movie trailers which are way good and I can actually watch the content.

Youtube go.jpg

When you click on the video a box pops up showing which quality to download the video, but more interesting is that there is a thumbnail which changes and shows a glimpse of the whole video in secs. That’s very useful (Alphabet, Please add it to Youtube App too), also you can directly play the video.

youtube go interface.jpg

Ones you downloaded the video now comes the important feature of the app, to share the video. You can share the video to phones having Youtube Go app around you using the send button below the saved video tab. Just tap on send and select the video, wifi hotspot will start and anyone around you having Youtube Go app (in Receive feature), will get notification of accepting the content or not. Done!

Wait! one last thing, after receiving the video the Youtube Go will verify the video using the internet (15kb) and then you can watch it.

Why Youtube has a special app for Indian users, here are some stats (source) –

  • India’s online video industry is expected to grow at a compound rate of 40% annually between 2016 and 2021.
  • Generating about $1.2 billion (nearly Rs 8,000 crore) in revenues
  • Digital media can grow 50% this year, will attract Rs 6,525 crore of advertising spend

Source – FactorDaily


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Now Youtube TV –

As the name says Youtube TV is YouTube’s new streaming service which acts like TV just on the internet (with some features, of course).Alright, already this article getting big, I will explain you in few details.

Youtube have partnered with US’s major cable channels like ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, Disney, ESPN and 40+ to stream their episodes live on youtube TV app. Now the big plot is, this service is not like Amazon prime, Hulu or Netflix’s on-demand content strategy but you can only watch the episodes live and record it using ‘unlimited DVR’

It’s like cable box in an App – live sports, live shows, news, etc. Youtube TV is free for one month after which it will charge $35/month and you also get Chromecast for free on next month subscription.

In the subscription, you can stream a live show on three devices simultaneously. To watch the app in action, check below the video review by TheVerge –

If you’re thinking why Youtube is going in this direction since all his competitor is on another side of the plane. Just the time of the writing this blog, this report by Deloitte on US TV market shocked me. (link to report)

“Deloitte Global predicts the number of antenna-only homes (or antenna plus Internet TV) to increase by less than one million in 2016, to about 13.5 million homes, and to about 18 million homes by 2020.”

Source – 1, 2

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