InstaKYC Won Rs1 Lakh Prize In Startups Club’s Demo Day Event In Pune, Recap

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After successful consecutive events at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Delhi and now in Pune, Startups Club is headings back to Chennai for a grand slam Finale between the winners in the cities. There are still 3 cities left though – Kochi, Ahmedabad and Vizag. So what happened at Pune? here it is.

To be true, we actually missed the keynote sections because we were little busy talking with the startups for our upcoming event (hint – check our FB). But I spoke with one of my friend, everything was per schedule – 1st hour for networking and there was some stall set up outside the hall. The first keynote was held by Abhimanyu Bhosale (Co-Founder of LiveHealth) followed by Akash Surekha, VP of Digital Experiences in Persistent, the topic was ‘Technology being the enabler of Businesses‘ and it was great. After a small break for Tea, there was a session by Sharda Balaji (Founder of NovoJuris) on ‘Legal aspect of Business‘and it was very informative and funny as well. The topics like what are you suppose to do from the beginning, in ideation stage, in prototyping stage, in founders agreement and more were discussed.

So now enter me, I was lucky to reach at the exact time when startups were pitching. Took plenty of photos and also live tweeted on our Twitter (@UnplugTech) as well. Below are the startups pitched in front of the juries which included Founders of Razorpay and Live Health along with Akash Surekha, VC from Sequoia India. Let me tell you, all together it was a very interesting competition but still, 11 are very few to judge the state of the startups in Pune. There are plenty more, anyway, getting back – judges completely trashed some of them and praised few. What you think of them, check it out yourself.


  • Earth Alliance ( – In their own words
    ‘We are farmer, working with and for farmers. Helping other farmers conduct Residue free healthy Agri practices. We try to give a front end to the Farmers and give them fair price for their produce.
    Trying to strike balance between Organic myths and Organic truths!’

DigImpact Mobilytics

  • DigImpact Mobilytics (KarmaBook and KarmAccount Apps) – They are building a SaaS tool to help social enterprises, impact investors and non-profits overcome various challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation.
    • KarmaBook – a customizable mobile application for digitizing the data collection in the field.
    • KarmAccount – a cloud-based platform for analyzing and visualizing the data. It can be used to communicate information and reports to internal and external stakeholders. This will have a repository of forms which will have sample questionnaires to collect data about various elements of inputs, activities, output, outcome and impact.
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Bharati Robotics Systems


‘The Corporate Rooms multifaceted Online Web Portal & your personal CODE shall empower you to choose your Stay from 100’s of Hotels, Service Apartments, Select the best Flight Options, Bus Service, Car Rental, Conference & Office Spaces relocation… Pan India.’

  • goPlayr – Online Gym and fitness booking service. I didn’t found gPlayr website. If you know it, drop it in the comment box below.

StartupsClub Demoday, MishiBitt

    • MishiBitt – A smart water bottle which keeps track of your water intact and notifies you when your body needs water. And the jury trashed this company, I mean- don’t get me wrong but they had some real reasons behind it.

StartupsClub Demoday RentSake

    • RentSake – Its very simple, an online costume renting platform.

StartupsClub Demoday, Knowlphin

    • Knowlphin – Its a Pinterest for education. It uses student’s data to improve teaching, bring right people together to collaborate.

StartupsClub Demoday, Softuvista

    • Softuvista – They have developed a simple approach method to compare products or services using various parameters. Based on which they have deployed plenty of sites, a recent one is Distancesfrom.

StartupsClub Demoday, InstaKYC

    • InstaKYC – Plug-n-play integration service for banking, financial institution and telecom to onboard customers instantly by with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) EKYC from anywhere (The site is down). Made by Company – Quagga Tech.

StartupsClub Demoday, Vely

  • Vely – Vely personalized recommendations platform of Products, Places & Small Businesses based on your network & AI.

These are 11 startups showed up, what you think like the most? I like InstaKYC because of its idea to disrupt traditional tech including MangoMango and RentSake to have the unique idea to solve the basic problem of every school, college or institutions (including me).

StartupsClub Demoday pune winner InstaKYC

Ok now the winner of the Startups Club’s Demo Day competition (Pune edition) was InstaKYC for the same reason as I said and the runner-up was Softuvista for its potentiality and simplified approach.

We thank Salma Moosa of Startups Club for helping us to cover the event. Let’s see who will win the finale in Chennai, click on this link to know more of the events by Startups Club and stay updated with their upcoming events.

Salma Moosa at StartupsClub Demoday pune


StartupsClub Demoday pune participantsStartupsClub DemoDay End

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