Hands-On With Persistent’s new Hyperlocal Services Booking App, Deazzle

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We were in the event organized by POCC where we saw Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent systems, announced their newest project to enter into a hyperlocal market by their upcoming local services booking platform, Deazzle.

The app is still in beta phase and will be launch in upcoming weeks. Deazzle is completely built using in-house technology, which is obvious because persistent Systems is one of the top most IT service company in India.

We took a look at the beta app, let’s see what they got for us here.

Business and features Deazzle


Firstly, you’ve to log in using your phone number – then it directly sends you to ‘Business contact‘ tab which displays contacts you can add manually and in the second tab ‘All Businesses‘ which lists the details of all the businesses around your location with ratings. Salons, cafes, beauty salon,cab and anyone who has registered as a business in the app (how? explained below). There are total 61 categories to choose from.

Although in ‘All Businesses’ Deazzle also shows individual contacts as well, I don’t know why since there is no option for an individual person (or professional). I tested it by uploading Arjun’s contact and it showed up in that tab. It uploaded it without my concern to keep it private or public and now there no option to delete it.

Deazzle business details

Moving forward, in this tab, you can search for desired business and by tapping on it. You’ll get a detail description of service like location, phone number, inquiry, booking an appointment and even subscribing to service is available in this app.

deazzle business add

You can add your business directly via the app using ‘My Business‘ option, ones tapped you have to fill out plenty of details besides basic stuff like Employees, Operations, services, payment gateway and even you can get the unique web link to your business. Referral code to invite your customers is also added.

Check out my business here, working fine. Instead of subdomain redirect which every site do, they’re calling APIs to show it. So maybe Persistent is planning to integrate with their other services as well, who knows.

Features like broadcasting to your customers, sending and receiving receipts, order summary can be executed by the businesses as well. Everything can be done without leaving the app.

deazzle appointment calender

A user can see his upcoming appointments in ‘My Bookings’ option, can check future ones by tapping on a date in the calendar view. Same applies to your Business as well, the feature will show your appointments with customers and let you allocate your employees and send out notifications as well.

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deazzle report

Every report like Invoices, payments, receipts are stored by the app, that’s why you can sort the same as a user and a business owner via ‘My Reports’ feature.

Its my first time to test such an app in this category and I think the UI is bit complicated. I mean as a user it takes quite a time to figure out stuff and get used to it. But as a business owner,no wayy a local owner can understand to register and handle it.

The UI is not simple and still slow, it’s still in beta I understand, but if you want to attract local business this doesn’t seem to fit. Instead, they must add an option to get a support from Deazzle to fill it. Easy to authenticate and will take less time to store right info.

Anyway, I can’t comment more since it’s a beta app and I hope they’ll improve their UI and increase the loading time of the app.

Update – After a quick search I found that Santosh Dawara is the CEO of Deazzle and this is what mentioned in his LinkedIn profile –

“deAzzle intends to bring local businesses and their customers together on mobile by simplifying diverse business practices and enabling on-demand convenience for customers. The brainchild of Dr. Anand Deshpande, the team behind deAzzle brings together several decades of collective experience in product innovation. At deAzzle, I’m responsible for taking our product to market.” 

As mentioned in his LinkedIn profile he has worked for RIM (Parent company of BlackBerry), Persistent Systems and co-founded several startups dubzer (2009 ,co-translation of digital content online by hand), BookEazy.com (2006, India’s movie tickets service), Lipikaar (the language transliteration startup), punestartups.org (2008, Pune’s largest volunteer community of startup founders). Only the later two exists now.

Deazzle seems to conflict with JustDial, Sulekha, YellowPages, Facebook services and Near.in (acquired by Paytm) which is $50 Bn market in India.

What you think about this?

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  • Hi Omkar,

    Thank you for trying out deAzzle and for writing about your experience in detail. Your feedback is something we’ve introspected on, and we’re already working to improve both the simplicity and performance of the app. I’m happy to answer any further questions you or your readers might have here on your blog.

    Again thanks for the review!

    Santosh Dawara, deAzzle.

    • Thanks. You really need to work on UI and simple registration for local businesses. So that you can educate them properly before using the app, this will also benifit the app for authentic data.

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