Our Readers Like Love Stories and Are Mostly Active After Noon – Juggernaut Report

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Juggernaut, an Indian e-books publishing startup who has recently launched its app on android and iOS, and has crossed 100k+ on Android and 10k+ download on iOS in just 6 weeks has published a report on app usage like user’s most active time, hit categories, purchasing time, top cities, Phone models and even registration mode.

While its a straight forward report, I’ll start with the ‘most love category‘. Indians you know the answer, its ‘Love’, nearly 7k users frequently read Love, Sex-based stories compared to nearly 200 users for ‘Erotica’ which comes last. Love is followed by Crime (2,100), short stories (1k), Fiction (1k), Non-Fiction (1k) and others (see Image below). Interestingly I used to think Fantasy stories has great reader community, but its not, it stands at 7 places with 400 users.

If you see the most active time, that is after 12pm (IST). There is a big jump at 12pm-2pm bar (~22k) which constantly lowers as time passes i.e at second 2pm-4pm its ~19k and at 4pm-6pm is ~16,500. It goes down till 12am-2am (IST) night, after that, it is expected to be lowest and again the bar moves gradually up till 12pm.

Now the Purchasing intent time is quite interesting if you see ~1,800k users are in a mood to purchase at 2pm to 4pm and comparatively less in 12-2pm (~1,600k). But the bar there by significantly drops till 10pm-12pm where it jumps a little and drops continuously.

Talking about top cities, first is Mumbai, second is the region (Mumbai, Thane, Pune) along with Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh. Wonder where are Bangalore users going to read?


Moving forward, on phone model surprisingly Xiaomi tops the list (3,500) with  a close competition with Moto G3 and goes on with android devices till on 6th iOS powered iPhone7.2 holds the seat. If you see the graph I would say, Juggernaut has users mainly from Rs.15k-25k phone price point users.

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Now among  email and facebook registration – Email stands first.

Here are some keys insights from them –

1) Discovery of books/categories have to become better on the app. To enable that, we will be launching a hamburger menu on the Discover page that will let you get to categories easier.
2) Users take their time for fiction and non-fiction; they browse, read and think before they buy. For authors they know of, they make far quicker impulse purchases. Here, the price of the book is not a deterrent.
3) Readers give a lot of feedback — about the book, the app, what’s missing, what they’d like and, some more. They are a very involved category, and we’re loving it!
4) Notifications are the single-most effective way to get users to return and transact on the app. 5) Gifts are the most loyal funnel of users — when a user gifts or receives a gift from the app, he or she tends to return and read free and paid books more often.

Juggernaut has preety neat user base and most of the 1 star rating on Android Play store is coming due to app crashing or bugs but hardly because of any service matters. Its a good thing and now that they are also offering offline viewing. But according to AppAnnie, the app has lowered its rank since its launch, they must do something about it.

appannie juggernaut

Here is a nice blog from Sarsij Nayanam on Juggernaut services.

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