This Plugin can Analyze Reader’s Reaction in your Blog

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We’ve changed something in our blog, did you recognized it?, No! ok did you see there are four “Ugly Heads” below each article. They are so called emotions. This plugin is provided free by ‘Myeffecto‘.(For WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Drupal and also provides Univeral code as well) Read On to know more

Myeffecto also has a second (totally different) feature, which I’ll explain it later.

What is Myeffecto on User’s/viewer’s side –

Whenever you read an article there is some ’emotional or reaction’ generated, like if you find this article good, just click on ‘Good’ icon, if you hate it, click on Disagree or if nothing! click Neutral (What will you choose? ah). Then you will get an option to share your opinion directly onto your social accounts or comment directly beneath the article.


What is it on Blogger’s side –

I’ve observed that people are more willingly to share their feelings rather than just commenting. Maybe that’s why Facebook has a “What’s you’re feeling” option in the Update status section. So, instead of ‘rating stars’, I think reactions can justify readers thoughts clearly.

MyEffecto's WordPress plugin

MyEffecto’s WordPress plugin

So, when the reader clicks on any ‘reaction’ the counter above the icon is incremented and immediately it asks for reader to share the reaction on their social networks. It’s not compulsory though.
Impressively Myeffecto also provides a “Dashboard” which shows – No. of clicks, shares, Recommends, new visitors and few others. When you click on any specific article in the “My Content” tab it shows the engagement of the readers in the organized manner. Check the screenshots below.

myeffecto3 myeffecto4
For comments section- once the comment is submitted by the viewer, the admin has to moderate it in the Comment Section of the Dashboard. It is not something new but surely a valuable add-on.

Ok, now the other part – Myeffecto also provides a feature called Emobuzz. Emobuzz basically is a service to Bookmark, Tag and share the content online using Emotions.

Myeffecto Says –

We also ‘promote’ your blogs post on social network and improve ‘search ranking’ of blog, hence we guarantee more traffic will come to your blog eventually.

Emobuzz have a different approach to let user tag any article, like when you like an article and if that website doesn’t contain “Myeffecto” plugin then click on bookmarklet (Extension for browsers are available as well) provided by them (Myeffecto) and tag the article directly using this emotions.

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Now you can assign this tag as a private or public and are stored in your directory. If you choose Public, then it is shown in the discover page of the Myeffecto, where specifically tagged contents are displayed in the ‘Emotion sorting’ manner. A good way to discover and explore universally tagged articles by the users. By the way, they also share some articles (categorized by topic using ‘#’ tag) on their social accounts as well.


Now the issues and my opinion –
I’ve tried more than 5 times to sign up, but it just got stuck up for few seconds and nothing happens and eventually i have to reload the website again then Sign up. And Yes! I finally passed it. Thank God.
Adding custom ‘icon’ option in the plugin will be much better. I’ll love it.
The load time of the plugin is pretty good but still lag in some occasions.

We have Installed the plugin and will publish a small report next week, whether this really works or not? and if some other issues exist.




It’s a very good approach and I hope everything works fine if you like this article- send us a smile by clicking below 🙂

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Kartik Menon

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A nice article on how to install this Plugin with some explanation

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